I am a qualified life coach with a passion for facilitating and enhancing my clients’ well-being, success and sense of fulfilment in all aspects of their lives. My priority is to help individuals realise their potential in the most authentic way possible by investigating and resolving areas of confusion, doubt and stagnation. In doing so, clients can develop a much more powerful sense of their own needs and capacities, with potentially life-changing results.

I offer a completely personalised coaching service, with a high degree of flexibility. It is often the case that priorities shift as the coaching process evolves; this is something I pay close attention to, ensuring the work we do together remains fresh and relevant at all times. I have experience working with people in a wide variety of contexts, from the personal, relational and creative to the professional and organisational.

Some clients come to me for help resolving relationship issues with partners or children or parents, whilst others are living with chronic conditions and illnesses that they are struggling to cope with. Still others have work and career dilemmas or interpersonal problems that are slowly eroding their sense of professional and personal adequacy. In all instances, my focus remains on maximising my clients’ personal growth and overall satisfaction. The exact form that takes is up to you the client, but I will be with you every step of the way.